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  Philips HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator

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Price: $2,945 $2,520  
Item#: 861388

Item Includes:
  • Philips HeartStart FR3 Text Prompt (no ECG) with 5 Year Warranty
  • One Set of SMART Pads III Electrodes
  • Philips Battery Pack with 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Trac-Mate Online Reporting
  • Free AED/CPR Responder Kit
  • Free UPS Shipping


    Value Package 1 - $2,780

    Includes all standard items, plus:
  • Additional Set of SMART Pads III Electrodes
  • FR3 System Case
  • wall cabinet with alarm

  • The Philips HeartStart FR3 is Philips' newest and best professional-grade AED. It weighs in as the smallest and lightest (3.5 lbs, l.6kg) professional AED on the market, while still maintaining a rugged and reliable design.

    The features that make the FR3 unique and competitive fall within 3 categories: Faster, Easier and Better.


    The FR3 reduces the deployment time by automatically powering on as soon as the carrying case is open. This allows the professional to move quickly to pad placement. The pads are pre-connected peel and place SMART Pads III. There is no pouch to tear open, which allows the medical professional to begin care more quickly. Quick Shock reduces CPR interruptions and enables the shock to be delivered faster. The same SMART Pads III for adults and children allow the device to move rapidly between adult and child specific use. The Infant/Child Key automatically decreases the defibrillation therapy to operate with the configured infant/child protocols.


    The lightweight feature makes the FR3 easy to carry along with other necessary emergency medical equipment. The high resolution color LCD is easy to read in a noisy environment. The device performs automated daily, weekly and monthly self-tests, including pad integrity, and provides both visual and audible alerts when required. Protection against dust and jetting water adds to the durability and flexibility of this device. A green visual indicator flashes to confirm the device is ready. The FR3 has bilingual configuration. The long-life battery can deliver 300 shocks or 12 hours of monitoring. During CPR, the metronome keeps the beat for correct chest compression delivery. SMART Pads III are compatible with the FR2 series to allow standardization within your program.


    Data management solutions allow and support continuous improvement in reviewing, annotating, printing and storing AED events. There is more in-depth assessment of responder intervention and patient response with Review Pro. Patient data flows according to your desired workflow using your existing infrastructure.

      HeartStart FR3 Accessories

    Philips Fast Response Kit $51

    Item#: 989803150111
    Price: $51


    Philips FR3 Adult Smart Pads III (5 Sets)

    Item#: 989803149981
    Price: $208


    Philips HeartStart FR3 Primary Battery

    Item#: 989803150161
    Price: $270


    Philips FR3 Pad Sentry Insert

    Item#: 989803150011
    Price: $39


    Philips FR3 Battery Charger

    Item#: 861394
    Price: $310


    Philips FR3 Infant/Child Key

    Item#: 989803150031
    Price: $97


    Philips FR3 Adult SMART Pads III

    Item#: 989803149981
    Price: $46


    Philips FR3 System Case (Rigid)

    Item#: 989803149971
    Price: $243


    Philips FR3 Soft Carrying Case (Small)

    Item#: 989803179181
    Price: $160


    Philips FR3 Replacement Training Pads III

    Item#: 989803150181
    Price: $26


    Philips FR3 System (Soft)

    Item#: 989803179161
    Price: $164


    Philips FR3 Training Pads II Interconnect Cable

    Item#: 989803150201
    Price: $19


    Philips FR3 Trainer 3

    Item#: 861467-A01
    Price: $451


    Philips FR3 Bluetooth Transceiver Module

    Item#: 989803150081
    Price: $139


    Philips FR3 Training Pack

    Item#: 989803150191
    Price: $305


    Philips FR3 Data Card

    Item#: 989803150061
    Price: $92


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