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The HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor unites Philips industry-leading patient monitoring, superb diagnostic measurements, proven therapy capabilities, and CPR measurement and feedback in a lightweight and intuitive package designed to help emergency response teams save lives every day.

The industry's recommended "door-to-balloon" protocol calls for treatment within 90 minutes. The Philips HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor/Defibrillator can help you start the clock earlier.

Biggest, brightest, easiest-to-view display

The Philips MRx ALS Monitor sports the largest display of any monitor/defibrillator available today. With the widest viewing angle and full-color display, which can be seen in any environment/lighting condition, users appreciate the ease and speed at which critical information is conveyed.

Task-specific monitors views

You face different clinical scenarios every day each one comes with different needs. Only Philips offers different monitor views designed to assist the user in specific scenarios.

  • Code View: Critical information is enlarged and immediately recognized. All other unnecessary and potentially distracting information goes away.
  • 12-lead ECG View: See all 12-leads at once and know at a glance that all leads are connected. This provides a real-time view of the patient’s condition, not just a snapshot, while also avoiding wasted time printing and storing poor-quality or incomplete12-leads.
  • Monitor View: Data presented the way you need it. See 4 waves with matched-colored numeric data. Alarm information reads fast, then is silenced with one button push. It is easy to configure and customize either ahead of time or on the fly.
  • Device Diagnostic Mode: The HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor provides over one year of device readiness information and a system log for errors and failed tests.

Longest battery life, most robust battery solution

The HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor offers the first Lithium Ion batteries in an ALS device. Lightweight, long-lasting and with over 5 hours of monitoring per battery and 2 battery bays, the HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor is changing the way users rely upon batteries. You can purchase and carry fewer spare batteries, and save money.

Upgradeable for more capabilities without adding exterior bulk

With the HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor, there are no external add-ons/tack ons. Additional enhancements, including clinical measurements, are all internally upgraded, maintaining the original size and shape of the HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor. This keeps our promise to you that we will offer an all-in-one device, without increasing the size or forcing you to carry and manage two separate pieces of equipment.

Only Philips provides ventilation monitoring during a code

Research shows that hyperventilation kills. Leveraging Philips industry-leading patient monitoring technologies, the HeartStart MRx ALS Monitor is the only ALS device to monitor critical components of ventilation activity, including ventilation rate, volume, and inflation time and provide real-time personalized visual and audible feedback.

Temperature An increasingly important parameter

With new research around therapeutic hypothermia, the need to continuously monitor temperature is becoming more critical. Along with etCO2 protocols, temperature is also part of the determination of when to call a code. In some services, temperature is used to help determine time of death.

Make the most of CPR

Recent studies have shown that CPR is even more vital to survival than previously realized.1,2,3,4 Yet its benefits dissipate in seconds. Delivering a shock quickly after chest compressions is critical. Philips Quick Shock feature delivers therapy in just 8 seconds (typical) after chest compressions. Other devices can take 2 or 3 times that, reducing the likelihood of shock success, and potentially, survival.

Standard shipping kit includes all accessories/supplies to begin patient monitoring and therapy depending on the HeartStart MRx Defibrillation/Monitor configuration.

Can include: Defibrillation, AED, 3, 5 and 12 lead ECG, Sp02, noninvasive pacing, etC02, arrhythmia detection, temperature and Q-CPR performance measurement.

Email or call for pricing on specific configuration

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