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  The LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator/Monitor

Data Sheet  

LIFEPAK® 15 Monitor/Defibrillator

The LIFEPAK15 Monitor/Defibrillator is for ALS teams who want the most clinically innovative, operationally innovative and LIFEPAK TOUGH™ device available today.

Clinically Innovative Features Include

  • The 15 gives you EtCO2 monitoring with continuous waveform capture
  • Masimo® Rainbow® technology helps you detect hard-to-diagnose conditions and improve patient care with noninvasive monitoring of carbon monoxide, SpO2 and methemoglobin.
  • The 15 offers temperature monitoring that can be transmitted to other systems. Trend it or display for post-event review in CODE-STAT™ 9.0 data review software a metronome to guide CPR compressions and ventilations and provides an option to escalate energy to 360Joules.

Operational Effectiveness Features Include

  • Dual-mode LCD screen with SunVue™ display. Switch from full-color to high contract SunVue mode with a single touch for the best full-glare view in the industry.
  • Flexible Power Options - Choose between external worldwide AC or DC power, or use the latest Lithium-ion dual battery technology for up to six hours of power.

Data Connectivity

  • The 15 collects code summaries and equipment status data along with critical clinical information as you treat patients.
  • Using LIFENET Connect, part of the LIFENET® System data network, the code summaries can be sent directly to your quality improvement team for review with CODE-STAT data review software.
  • Equipment status can be viewed on the LIFENET System 5.0 using LIFENET Asset and alert you to any potential issues.


  • IP44 rating - Protection from objects 1mm diameter or larger; protection from splashing water
  • Freefall drop - Device is dropped on six sides onto a steel plate from 30 inches high
  • Shock-absorbing handle and double-layer screen can take a beating
  • Robust cable cables, connections and modules

  The LIFEPAK 15 Accessories

Standard shipping kit includes all accessories/supplies to begin patient monitoring and therapy depending on the LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator/Monitor configuration. Can include: Sp02, 12 lead ECG, Trending, NIBP, Invasive Pressure, EtC02, Sp02, SpMet, Temp and BT.

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