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Price: $2,795 $1,951  
Item#: 20100000102011010

Item Includes:
  • ZOLL AED Plus with 7 Year Warranty
  • One Set of CPR-D Padz
  • ZOLL AED Soft Carry Case
  • One Duracell Lithium Battery Set
  • ZOLL Data Review Software. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Free Trac-Mate Online Reporting - $68 value
  • Free AED/CPR Responder Kit - $49 value
  • Free UPS Shipping

  • Value Package 1 - $2,048

    Includes all standard items, plus:
  • Wall Cabinet with alarm - $220 value

  • What Good is an AED that Only Works Half the Time?

    When a cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock. The other half require high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

    You deserve an automated external defibrillator (AED) that helps you all the time, one that can actually see when you are doing CPR and provide help. You need more than just commands without assistance. That is not smart, and it is certainly not help. Only ZOLLs AED Plus features Real CPR Help, a tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well. Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other AED.

    ZOLL believes an AED should not just deliver a shock. It should also help the rescuer provide high-quality CPR. That is why you need ZOLLs AED Plus with Real CPR Help.

      Zoll AED Plus Accessories

    Zoll CPR-D Padz

    Item: 8900-0800-01
    Price: $223.00


    Zoll AED Plus Type 123 Lithium Batteries

    Item: 8000-0807-01
    Price: $97


    Zoll Pedi-Padz II

    Item: 8900-0810-01
    Price: $150.00


    Zoll AED Plus Pelican Case (Large)

    Item: 8000-0837-01
    Price: $499


    Zoll Stat-Padz II

    Item: 8900-0801-01
    Price: $73


    Zoll AED Plus Pelican Case (small)

    Item: 8000-0836-01
    Price: $399


    AED CPR Premium Response Kit

    Item # FRK
    Price: $52


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