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Price: $3,595 $2,895  
Item#: 901105409999101

Item Includes:
  • ZOLL AED Plus with 7 Year Warranty
  • One Set of CPR-D Padz
  • ZOLL AED Soft Carry Case
  • One Duracell Lithium Battery Set
  • ZOLL Data Review Software. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Free Trac-Mate Online Reporting - $68 value
  • Free AED/CPR Responder Kit - $49 value
  • Free UPS Shipping

  • Value Package 1 - $2,995

    Includes all standard items, plus:
  • Wall Cabinet with alarm - $220 value

  • A Flexible AED with Advanced Features

    High-Quality CPR and Minimal Pausing, Every Time

    Real CPR Help® provides you with real-time feedback on both the rate and depth of chest compressions to enhance CPR resuscitation quality. A bar graph, along with a metronome, guides you to achieve optimal compression levels. See-Thru CPR® filters CPR artifact to display a patient’s underlying ECG rhythm to reduce interruptions in compressions, allowing the professional rescuer to see underlying organized rhythms during resuscitation.

    Advanced Capabilities for Professional Rescuers

    Three-lead patient monitoring and manual override offer more flexibility in monitoring, analyzing, and delivering treatment.

    The Real Difference in Defibrillation

    When a shock is needed, ZOLL’s Rectilinear BiphasicTM waveform (RBW) provides more current, more defibrillation efficacy, and less risk. RBW was designed specifically for external defibrillation to control for variations in patient impedance.

    Reliable and Durable, Anywhere

    • Exclusive IP55 dust-water ingress rating • Passes the 1.5 meter drop test Compatibility for Time and Cost Savings
    • Complete electrode compatibility with ZOLL’s AED Plus® and line of professional defibrillators
    • Battery compatibility with ZOLL’s E Series®, M Series®, and R Series® professional defibrillators.

      Zoll AED Pro Accessories

    Zoll CPR-D Padz

    Item: 8900-0800-01
    Price: $192.00


    Zoll AED Pro Water Resistant Hard Case

    Item: 8000-0875-32
    Price: $229


    Zoll Pedi-Padz II

    Item: 8900-0810-01
    Price: $108.00


    Zoll AED Pro Soft Carrying Case

    Item: 8000-0810-01
    Price: $105


    Zoll Stat-Padz II

    Item: 8900-0801-01
    Price: $64.00


    Zoll AED Pro Molded Vinyl Carrying Case

    Item: 9171-001
    Price: $165


    Zoll AED Pro 3-Lead ECG Cable

    Item: 8000-0838
    Price: $160


    Zoll AED Plus 3-D Wall Sign

    Item: 9310-0738
    Price: $14


    Zoll CPR Stat-Padz

    Item: 8900-0402
    Price: $75


    Zoll AED Pro ECG Electrodes

    Item: 8900-0003
    Price: $120


    Zoll SMART Rechargeable Battery

    Item: 8004-0103-01
    Price: $210


    Zoll Stat-Padz (case of 12)

    Item: 8900-0802-01
    Price: $499


    Zoll AED Pro SMART Ready Battery

    Item: 8004-0104-01
    Price: $69


    Zoll AED Pro Non-rechargeable Battery

    Item: 8000-0860-01
    Price: $160


    Zoll SurePower Rechargeable Battery Pack

    Item: 8019-0535-01
    Price: $475


    Zoll 1400/2000/1600/1700/m Series AED Pro Battery Rechargeable Battery

    Item: 8000-0299-01
    Price: $140


    Zoll AED Plus/AED Pro Simulator

    Item: 8000-0829-01
    Price: $295


    Zoll SeeThru CPR Simulator

    Item: 8009-0751-01
    Price: $475


    Zoll AED Pro RescueNet Code Review, Physical Copy

    Item: 8000-0608-01
    Price: $95


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